Do you actually need a watch winder New York? We probably agree that an automatic mechanical watch is a waste of money. There are a lot of more affordable, more convenient watches that work the same as an automatic mechanical watch, telling you what time it is. But most watch dorks have more or less accepted that history, style, and charm offer decent meaningful value to keep mechanical watchmaking alive.

There is even something in the watch collecting that surpasses the watch itself as an excessive spend of money, which is a watch winder.

What Does a Watch Winder Do?

Some watch winder fans frequently consider the accessory as a maintenance precaution when they are not wearing their automatic watches on their wrists. An automatic mechanical watch has lubricants inside it that reduce friction among its many moving parts. These lubricants will be dried up or coagulate when they are left static. If the lubricants are dried up, this condition can cause damages to the automatic watch’s machine.

Therefore, the automatic mechanical watch needs to keep moving in order to avoid the degradation of the watch’s lubricating oils. And a watch winder is here to allow the automatic watch to self-lubricate.

Is It Necessary for You to Have a Watch Winder?

Now you have known what an automatic watch winder New York does, you are wondering whether it is necessary for you to have one. According to the managing director at an independent watch repair shop in New York City, he quickly responses that you do not need a watch winder. He mentions that factors like temperatures and ages can cause the lubricants inside an automatic watch to dry up. However, a lack of use should not be concerned.

Further, today’s modern automatic watches use modern synthetic watch oils that do not coagulate like animal-based oils in the past. So, while they will eventually be gone over time, despite whether the watch is running or not, you do not have to be worried about them gunking up and damaging the automatic watch. In conclusion, as long as you maintain your automatic mechanical watch with regular service intervals, your watch will be fine, regardless of whether you put it on a watch winder New York or not.

If you do not keep up with regular service intervals, you could potentially cause damage to your automatic mechanical watch. Regular service intervals are more important than a watch winder New York.