A watch winder is as important as the watch itself. It is a personal choice that requires you to consider key details before purchasing. Here are what you need in a good Rolex recommended watch winder to boost your enjoyment on the device in the long run. 

#1. Program Settings

Speaking about program settings, you need to make sure that the watch winder you choose should have a number of options for turns per day (PTD). A good watch winder usually comes with PTD that ranges from 650 to 1800 daily turns. Not only that but it should be automatic and can rotate to many directions. 

#2. Build Quality

The next thing you should consider well before purchasing a watch winder is the build quality. It is important since there are some horrible stories associated with a poor quality of watch winders. Many of them are even built without shielding for the motor. It is very risky since the absence of motor shielding can lead the watch to be magnetized over time. 

#3. Position of the Watch in the Device

You also need to consider the position of your timepiece will be in the device when you are looking for a Rolex recommended watch winder. You need to keep in mind that the best position of your Rolex in the watch winder is vertical. A nerku vertical position is still tolerable though. This position will help you to maximize the force of gravity on each rotation of the device.

#4. Cushions, Pillows, and Holders

Cushions, pillows, and holders are important features of a watch winder. A high quality watch winder will retain the original look of its cushion, pillow, and holder even after years. The holder will not stretch out the leather strap or the bracelet of the watch. As for the pillow and cushion, you need to ensure that they are plush enough. It will help you avoid the over expanding of your timepeace band. 

#5. Noise Level

One of the major downsides of a watch winder is that the device is quite noisy. But, thanks to today’s manufacturing techniques, a Rolex recommended watch winder comes with minimum or even zero noise level. Even, less expensive watch winders can find effective ways to mute their sound when running. In this way, you will find out that the watch winder works easily. There will be no annoying sound generated from the watch winder anymore.