Universities in Germany are probably the most favoured universities in the world. People often say that Germany is one of the most supportive countries regarding foreign college students. Some universities even let foreign students study without having to pay any tuition fee. There are hundreds of German universities which are spread across the country. To help you make your choice, here are the top 3 universities in Germany for international students.

Heidelberg University

This university was founded in 1386, making it one of the oldest universities in Germany. It is ranked 55th in the World University Rankings, which makes it one of the most prestigious universities in Western Europe. It is best known for its performance in sciences. This university is also international friendly, with 20 per cent of its student body consists of international students from over 130 countries. Moreover, a lot of its doctoral students are also international students. It should be noted that most of the classes are in German, so knowing the German language should be the basic requirement if you want to attend this university.

Schiller International University

This university is one of the most international universities in Germany. It even has the word “International” on its name. It has campuses in the US and Europe. The main campus is located in Florida but the largest campus is located in Heidelberg, Germany. The student body is filled with international students from over 100 countries. A lot of exchange programs utilize this university because it is accredited in the United States. You also do not need to worry about languages because all classes are taught in English. The programs offered in this university are generally career-based which include two-year and four-year programs.

Hochschule Furtwangen University

Hochschule Furtwangen University is a quite small university that is located in Baden-Wurttemberg. This university focused its studies in applied sciences. Even though it is quite small, this university’s International Business Management program is ranked second in the country. It is also very well known for its engineering and computer science programs. This university is international friendly, with about 13 per cent international students in its student body. It is also very global, where it has more than 100 partner universities.

Choosing the perfect university is hard, especially when you’re an international student. But it is easier when you know which universities offer you the best education. With the help of this article, hopefully you can decide which universities in Germany is best for you.