The watch winder box is a device which been used to keep your automatic watch still running when you do not wear it. The automatic watch operates with the concept of winding themselves by using the moving weight from the inside of your watch. The weight rotates when the watch is worn and turns the mechanism of winding inside your watch. Therefore, it is pretty clear, if you do not use the watch, then you watch does not get the power in this way and will run down. Although almost all of the automatic watches can be worn manually, it does not always comfortable at all.

Do I really need this watch winder?

If you have more than one automatic watch, so it is a great idea for you. one of the biggest benefits is making your watch on time and always ready to wear anytime you need it. This also makes the function of day or date get well-functioned so that you do not need to reset the watch constantly when you want to use it.

How to choose a good watch winder?

You might know that there are so many watch winder box on the market, which come from less than $100 up to close $1000. Some of them are the jewelry box items which mean that they were made from the best hardwood and it supposed to use as a display case in your house or office. Some of them are so simple and on point, with inexpensive winders that will do this hob, but it might not last for a long time, you are also able to choose whether you want to use for travel or just standard model which been made to use in a home constantly. The best choice is up to you and your wallet as well.

Can a watch winder damage your watch?

You might think that keeping your watch in the winder might damage your watch. Most of the watches are pretty durable and designed to work 24/7. But when you don’t wear your watch every day, you can keep it inside the watch winder box. You should know that your watch inside the winder is still dry and clean.

Features on the watch winder box

Most winders have some features that you need to consider, you should purchase the winder will rotate in the clockwise and counterclockwise. Usually, there is a setting that would rotate from one to another.