A motivation letter for scholarship is one of the most essential requirements in scholarship or university application. You might aware that almost universities around Europe required you with motivation letter a.k.a application essay. You might have read that motivation as the only chance to show off chance to really show yourself. You might ask yourself on how you will write a motivation letter for scholarship without need to show off or even underrating yourself. Anytime you try to write one, you might start to explore online samples of the motivation letter. So, how to write motivation letter for scholarship? There are many ways to do.

Here some things you should do

You have to write down your motivation in Microsoft Word where you can see the total characters. You can start to type, as usual, finally, you can paraphrase the long sentences into the shorter sentences. Always paraphrase into the brief and simple sentences, ensure to use the active sentences rather than passive. Since you only have limited characters, you have to go to the points of your first sentences. You should know that a good motivation letter for scholarship should have a great structure. For example, it should explain the background in your first paragraph. If you mention you are from Indonesia and explain the limitation of the main program that you want to pursue, then it gives you a clearer perspective. While in the second paragraph, you can mention about the current activities related to your program.

Things you should not when writing down a motivation letter

Do not read a motivation letter repeatedly without any rest. You have to take a short break or leave them for a day and then you can read it again. if you keep reading your concept, then you do not find any mistake related to that thing. Anytime you get a proper break, then you will get different perception and you can check your letter objectively.